Saturday, October 20, 2007

Castles, Gardens, and Museums

Okay, so I couldn't make it to the end of Braveheart, but we're finishing that one up tonight. Today, we're back to touring Edinburgh, the political and cultural capital of Scotland. We toured the National Museum, and I was again struck by how well Scotland's museums are designed and presented. If I ever build a museum, I'm going to first come to one of Scotland's and try to recruit some consultants.

After the museum was a picnic in the Princes Street Gardens with the Edinburgh Castle looming overhead (see picture from Thursday's post). Following this was a walk through the "new" section of Scotland -- named "New Town" because it's buildings were only made in the 1700s. This "new" Gerogian architecture made me feel right at home as though I was back amongst the very oldest buildings in all of America, on Harvard's campus.

By the way, no one here knows what "the Revolutionary War" is. In Great Britain, they refer to it as "The American War" or "The American War of Independence."

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