Friday, October 19, 2007


Today we took a day trip out to Glasgow -- Scotland's second biggest city. Glasgow is far more of a professional city and less of a tourist destination than Edinburgh, which makes it a great place to get a feel for the real Scotland. The highlight of today's trip was taking the walking tour provided by Rick Steves' guidebook and touring the Glasgow School of Art, which was designed by Charles Mackintosh -- an architect who clearly must have inspired Frank Lloyd Wright (although I had never heard of him until now).

Now, we are back home, resting, and appropriately enough watching Braveheart on VHS. As wonderful as Scotland is, one of the absolute best parts of this trip is the fact that we are in one place for five nights in a row -- a simple luxury which hasn't happened since Tanzania. While I am having the time of my life, the traveling is a bit much. I fervently believe in the "robo-tourism" model of seeing as much as you possibly can for as long as you can remain conscious - and that does work well for short trips - but after a month straight it is starting to wear us both down. I'm now leaving more wiggle room in our excursions (which means getting back to the hotel before bedtime every night. This is also needed to leave time for me to manage the workload, as I am still working on business school applications, taking a few classes, and running Citadel. As fun as traveling is, I do need to start blocking a few hours each day for just sitting in the room and getting things done -- even if I am a kilometer away from monastic ruins from the sixth century.

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