Monday, October 15, 2007

Good to be home

Ah, it is a great feeling to return "home" - or at least as close to home as one can get when one is traveling for five days per week and at at home for two. Truth be told, the traveling is starting to wear on me a bit. It is getting to be a bit much, but I'm just seeing and experiencing so much, I have to keep going while I can.

This week will be the toughest, as we leave the country for the third week in a row and pull another five day trip (this time to Scotland). At least this trip will be by train, so it will be easier to get work done on the computer. And if we can just make it through this, we will get a much needed break, as the next weekend is a close trip to the English countryside (Bath, Stonehenge and Cotswalds), and then the best one of all -- staying in London the week after.

We haven't actually done much touring at all in London because we've been saving it all for the scheduled "London weekend," so it will be great to finally get to tour the city. Sarah's father and stepmother are coming into town that weekend, so I have a feeling we are going to try to see as many sights as possible. It won't be that much of a break honestly, but at least we won't have to travel anywhere.

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