Sunday, October 14, 2007


After one day touring Northern Ireland, we left that country and went back to the first one -- the Irish Republic. You don't need to do a passport check in between the two, but they are certainly different.

Dublin is big. 1/4 of all of Ireland lives here. A lot of American tech companies like Apple and Google have big bases here, and the city is now surprisingly the most expensive in Europe, thanks to what economists call the Celtic Tiger economy.

The most fascinating thing we saw in Dublin was the old jail (pictured above) which held (and executed) many political prisoners.

While the pub scene isn't normally my thing, we had a great time listening to traditional Irish music, which included instruments such as this drum. I think the sculptor was a tad lonely when he carved this particular statue of Molly Malone, as this is the most well endowed statue I have ever scene. The locals call it "the tart with the cart."

On the final day, we left Dublin and headed into the Irish countryside, which was far and away my favorite part of the trip. The highlight was a tour up into the Wicklowe Mountains, where we ran into a monastic settlement from the 500s. This church pictured above was built before the year 1,000.

The scenery was fantastic. I'm sorry I can't be quicker about posting the majority of my pictures onto my Flickr site, as I am working quite hard on business school applications at the moment and barely have time to upload a few onto the blog.

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Mom said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful. As beautiful as I believed it would be. Keep traveling - I love seeing it all through your eyes!

Love you