Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Kinder, Genteeler Rick

Old Rick would have marched onto this blog and unleashed a virulent diatribe with the fury of God's own thunder. Newer, kinder, genteeler Rick (version 2.0) waited to calm down and see how the situation played itself out. The "situation" was that the Enterprise rent-a-wreck man flat out lied about coming to pick us up and never showed. This was a problem mostly because in Wales car rental places all shut down on Friday at noon and stay closed all weekend -- which means that our entire itinerary was now forfeit. I'm not going to lie -- I kicked the office door.

But hey, this is traveling. So we can sit there and pout (I admit I came up with some pretty clever insults) or we can do the best we can. We picked up our things and started hiking to the town of Conwy. When you do something like that in Wales, you turn the corner and find things like this:This is Conwy Castle. It was built in the '80s - that's the 1280s - by King Edward I to gain a foothold into Wales because, well, it was next on the list of stuff to conquer. Parking it on the water front allowed it to be safely resupplied by ships from home.

After wandering around here for awhile, I was starting to calm down. I spent a long time trying to be mad at Wales, but I just couldn't. This place is gorgeous. We managed to find a bus that would take us out to our B&B in the town of Caernarfon, which was pleasant surprise #2. Surprise #3 was that our B&B was magnificent -- a five star home some 20 meters from another stunning castle. It turned into a great day after all. I'm still nervous though, because I don't know how we're going to get out to the border collie/sheep farm, which is around an hour and a half away. There are no buses. There are no rental cars. There is no walking.

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Mom said...

You are hilarious! Sorry for the difficulties - but loved the related write-up!

Looking forward to the version 2.0 Rickster at Christmas.

Love and miss you both.