Friday, October 26, 2007

Off to Wales!

Tomorrow (actually today in about six hours...why am I still up?) I'm off to Wales to do a little sheep herding. You have no idea just how excited I am, and in all honesty I am probably a little too excited. I have been fascinated with border collies for years (I even tried to adopt one, which lasted 24 hours). On Sunday, I get to meet with a legendary trainer and watch him work with one of his dogs out in the sheep fields. Okay, so other 25 year olds may not usually care about this sort of thing, but it can't get here soon enough. I'm taking notes, because when I retire, I plan to be the crazy old man that takes his border collies down to the park and herds geese.


Anonymous said...

You can practice on Evie when you get back. She is mostly border collie. In the meantime, here is what most words on signs in Wales look like: Wqrllemnsqwpxdnkjpqw--lots of consenants and a conspicuous lack of vowels. Really!It is flabergasting. Did any school child ever pass a spelling test?

Mike said...

You are one well oiled traveling machine thats for sure my friend. Just wanted to drop by and see how the good life in Cambridge is treating ya. IM me or drop me line when you have a free moment sometime to catch up. Hope you paint the town in wales. Cheers!