Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Youth Hostile

We're traveling to so many places so quickly that despite Sarah's best efforts, these trips are getting a bit extemporaneous for my tastes. She really is doing a great job in planning, but with our limited time it is just hard to see out any further than about ten days. By the time we tried to secure lodging in Dublin, the entire city seemed to be at full occupancy, and as a consequence I am now staying in my first - and last - hostel (pronounced "hostile" on my part to note my disdain) for the next three days. Fortunately though we managed to secure a hotel room on Saturday and Sunday nights so after paying my dues for three nights I will be able to relax in secluded splendor.

The hostile (note again) is quite bad, but it is tough to argue with the price -- 15 Euro per person for a bed and breakfast the next morning. The downside is that there are no luggage lockers, so I am packing out anything of value tomorrow and will just have to hope that my suitcase and clothes are then when we return from a day of touring.

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