Saturday, November 3, 2007

Around the Globe

...the Globe Theater, that is. I'm sorry, but this time I really am too tired to upload pictures. I'm so exhausted from touring...more so than when I'm out of country touring.

Today started off with the Museum of London, which gave the history of the city from prehistory to the Roman invasion in 79 ad to the end of the mideival period. To give you the key points, the Romans pretty much started London as we know it, then the Plague came, then the Great Fire burned down nearly the entire city in 1666. The fire was bad, but very few people actually died, so despite the destruction, in the end it can sort of be considered a benefit in a way because it finally stopped the plague by killing all the rats. And here we are in modern day. (I skipped a few things, but you get the idea).

Okay, enough of the pleasantries. Following the museum was a walk along the new(ish) millennium bridge. Across the bridge, we ran into Shakespeare's Globe and took a wonderful tour. The Globe contains the only thatched roof in all of London these days. I'd be interested in seeing a play here, but unfortunately it is an outdoor theater, and thus the season has already ended for the year.

So, it was back across the millennium bridge to the best church in all of London...St. Paul's Cathedral. Okay dang it, I'll upload just one, because you just have to see it.This is where Prince Charles and Lady Di were married, and where Winston Churchill's funeral was held. Like all brilliant architecture in London, it was built by Sir Christopher Wren. The original was built in 604, and today's version was rebuilt just after all of London burned down in 1666. We spent hours here. Underneath the church is the nicest crypt I have ever seen, and above the church (600 narrow stairs above) is the best view in all of London. We saw both.

After a brief stop home to crank out one more question on the take-home midterm I have been grinding out for a week now, it was off to dinner and then to the Tate Modern to see some of the best modern art around. Modern art isn't really my thing, but Sarah enjoyed herself a great deal, and I did get to see some Dali and Picasso. By 10pm, I was ready to call it a day. There's fireworks going off all over the city right now, but I'm just too tired to find out why. Tomorrow is a new day, and it starts with one of the sites I am most excited to see in all of England -- the British Museum. There is a special exhibit tomorrow containing the Chinese emporer's terracotta army. Stay tuned.


tales_from_the_crib said...

wow! is pretty, can't wait to see the rest of the pictures once you're caught up on sleeps!

Mom said...

Son and daughter Sarah,

I love reading about your adventures on a daily basis. The cathedral is beautiful beyond words - I can hear the echoes of history by just viewing the picture.

Side note: Isn't it somewhat scary that the Great Fire burned down nearly the entire city in 1666? Do you think the "666" part is merely coincidence?? Is there a message here?

Love you and miss you!!

Rick said...


Brieanna said...

haha! no, thats a funny responce to mom. by the way, thats a cool picture! vist soon!!