Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Black Friday

I've said one of my favorite days is Thanksgiving, but it's actually a 24 hour period beginning just before Thanksgiving dinner and going into the wee hours of Friday morning, where you'll find me lined up outside Best Buy in the freezing rain trying to get good deals like one of Pavlov's dogs hearing the dinner bell. I live for Black Friday mornings. You don't know how much it kills me that they don't have Black Friday over here. I even got the web and read some online copies of the Black Friday advertisements.

This segues nicely into my main item of business for today, which is a very gentile reminder that if you're going to be doing any shopping for the holidays on Amazon anyway this year, please, please consider clicking on my referral link to get there. It costs you nothing and gives a referral fee which helps to pay for the operational costs of this blog and The-Way's Flickr site.

Thanks, and enjoy Black Friday! Take an alkiselzer for me, and if you need any help with the calculus required to fill out your rebate forms, you know where to find me.

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