Monday, November 19, 2007

Live interview with Rick Steves

Today was the flight back into London. I feel "home" again, in a weird way. We've been gone for two weeks straight, starting in Prague, then on to Vienna, then Salzburg, then Munich. I'm tired and ready to catch up on school and e-mails. (My apologies if I haven't answered yours yet).

Last night I did a live interview with Rick Steves on my story about trying to get out to the farm in Wales to do some sheep herding with Border Collies for his radio show. It was live in the sense that it was broadcast in real time from his website with him and a fellow from Wales, but it will be cut and then aired on his nationwide radio show sometime in 2008. It will also be on his Travel with Rick Steves podcast, which you can subscribe to with iTunes (even if you don't have an iPod). I've been a subscriber to his free podcast for over a year now, so I know I won't miss the show. I'll grab a copy of it and link it or post it (if I get permission) when it comes out next year.

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