Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Long Flight

A long flight. Only two hours from London to Prague, but very delayed, and for reasons that seem suspect. On the plus side, British Airways is the best airline I think I've ever flown (it certainly beat that first Ethiopian Airlines flight). Every airline in the world except the American ones give away free alcohol. On this one, we asked for red wine and a glass of water. The flight attendant asked if we wanted a shot of vodka in our water (which seems to be all the rage in the Czech Republic). We declined, so he asked if we'd at least like a second bottle of wine each since there are two different kinds, and surely we'd like to try both the shiraz and the merlot/cab Bordeaux. My; how thoughtful. I had to move my drinks onto Sarah's table to work on my assignment on my own table, so there she sat with two glasses of water and four bottles of red wine -- all courtesy of the best airline I've ever flown.

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