Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to Munich

It was back to Munich today, but this time no Oktoberfest. We felt like we had really missed out on seeing the real working Munich last time - and I failed in hitting the big #1 on my top three must do's which is near the city - so it was back to the train for us coming in from "the city of music," Salzburg.

We were supposed to tour the Germany's version of the Smithsonian, the Deutches Museum, today but we just weren't feeling it. Sarah would have taken a pass on it anyway, but I would not normally skip ten miles of science and technology exhibits. By the time we got in though, we were a bit tired of touring. Instead, we wandered through the Englisch Gartens -- the biggest city park in Europe. It's bigger than Central Park in New York, and even includes a large nude sunbathing section as well (though they were curiously absent in the 0 degree Celsius weather today). It was a well spent afternoon of relaxation, and I'm glad we took a break

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