Thursday, November 1, 2007

My New Camera Works.

Not much time to post today, but wanted to keep you updated. Sarah's dad and stepmom came into London this morning to visit for the weekend. We toured the inside of Westminster Abby (wow!) and took a ride on the London Eye, which was new to me since it was installed for the millennium and thus wasn't here on my last trip to London ten years ago.

It was bloody expensive ($60 for two people for 30 minutes) but oh man, the views. I have a couple of really great pictures I hope to be able to upload eventually. We hit the timing just right with sunset, too.

I'm really excited about this weekend, because we're going to be touring all of the things around London that so far we've had to pass by because we were always off to some other country for the weekend instead. "London weekend" is finally here!

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