Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Off to Prague!

It begins. I'm headed to Heathrow in one hour and off to the Czech Republic. I'm so excited about this trip. We're going to be gone for almost two weeks. We're first headed to Prague, then into Austria to see Vienna, then Salzburg, then back Munich. We were in Munich last time to see Oktoberfest, so we didn't actually get to see much of the city. We're headed back this time to tour around. Then, it's a flight from Germany back to London.

Internet will be spotty. I think I have internet at the hotel in Prague, but only at a desktop in the lobby. You may have to be patient with me and give me a few days before I can post again.

I plan to knock out the remaining two of my top three must do's on this trip (the first was sheep herding in Wales).

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