Monday, November 5, 2007

The Opening of Parliament

So I ran into the queen today. They were opening a new session of parliament, and she's responsible for giving the opening speech every year. I have about a million things I was supposed to get done last week, so I figured why not drop all of it and go take pictures at Westminster.

Across the street from Westminster are a couple of Iraq War protesters who have been camping out on the grass for over six years (they started out as Afghanistan War protesters). I ended up right next to their them, between their tents and the crowd control barrier. I figured they'd maybe yell a thing or two at the queen and that would be the end of it -- and in the down time they'd probably be interesting to watch and talk to while I waited for stuff to happened. That was a mistake. Instead, they occupied their time by completely berating anyone and everyone near them for two hours (including me). One enterprising woman kept holding up her hand in front of my lenses to block my shots while yelling something about me being a "nazi member of the murder state" or some such. I got some great pictures though, but I decided not to stick around. Once the queen goes by, the whole crowd just up and leaves despite the fact that she is only in there for an hour. So if you wait around, you can get great shots. I didn't feel like dealing with the crap though, so I hiked it over to Buckingham Palace to catch her returning against a different (and quiter) backdrop. It turned out to be a pretty good decision because it was quiter, and I was able to catch her waiving to me (I think she was actually inviting me over for tea, but I was busy):
The day was beautiful. I walked home via St. James park which runs in front of the palace, and ran into the biggest freaking pelicans I had ever seen. I swear they almost came up to my neck. I have pictures of them next to humans -- I'll have to upload those some time.

That's all for today. I got my midterm in and I'm dead tired. I still need to get another assignment out the door before I head off on the longest trip of the entire semester tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out where!

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Brieanna said...

love the picture ricky!! come vist soon please!