Saturday, November 17, 2007

R.I.P. Fisheye

Disaster. I was unhappy that my Canon 350D/Rebel XT and beloved Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens survived the drop to the pavement at the Tower of London two weeks ago, so I decided to drop them again today on the ballroom floor of the Residenz Palace. This time, I dropped them right on the end of the lens. Amazingly, the glass is in perfect shape, but the metal lens hood is bent all the way in and I lost the ability to focus either manually or automatically. This is a disaster. Tomorrow is my big day with my #1 event of the entire year, and my favorite lens is broken. No camera stores here carry something so specialized. Fortunately, the lens was focused on "infinity meters" so I'm hoping as long as I'm photographing something far away it will be in focus, but only time will tell. As soon as Black Friday hits, I'm ordering a new one.

If I can just say something about my trusty backup Rebel XT/350D, that camera is a tank. It's been covered in grit from the dusty plains on an African safari, frozen over on the summit of Kilimanjaro, dunked in the drink while trying to photograph a waterfall in Tanzania, covered in 100% DEET for four weeks which ate away at the plastic casing, and dropped hard twice. It still works perfectly.

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