Thursday, November 15, 2007


We're lucky that we came upon a chance sale on hats and gloves in Vienna yesterday and decided to stock up, because it's cold in Salzburg. Really cold. Sarah learned to balance her snow umbrella on her shoulder so that she could keep her gloved hands in her pockets.Today, we toured the land of Mozart. Mozart actually didn't like it here, but we sure did.

Here is the cathedral where he grew up playing organ:
There are actually four organs around the nave which give you an early version of surround sound -- the first instance of this I have ever seen in a cathedral.

Back outside, we basically just did our own walking tour of the entire town -- usually with some sort of magnificent structure above us in the snow.

This town has fought to keep McDonald's out of many important places such as historic market squares. They finally allowed them to move onto a side street, but told them they had to make their sign "more Baroque."
Pretty funny. The McDonald's here are not the McDonald's you would think of, though. They are like fine restaurants inside, and it was the same in Vienna.

People have been asking for more pictures of us, and I realized that I barely have any pictures of us on our own trips! So, I'm going to make an effort to take more of those, even though people pictures really aren't my thing. Here's one of me in a really cool historic semetary. In the back, you can see a monastery carved out off the cliff face.

And when you walk into one of the many small churches found throughout this small cemetery, you wander into something like this: This is what we call Baroque!

Next was a stop for some curry wurst and giant pretzels (mine was chocolate-covered), and then onto the Mozart residence to tour the museum that now occupies the family's former home.
The best food I've eaten on this entire trip is off of food carts from guys who don't speak English.
Goodnight from Salzburg. Tomorrow, it's on to Munich, where I get even closer to the number one on my "big three" list of must-do's!


Lincoln Minor said...

I'm sure that whoever financed the construction of that church was baroque by the time it was finished. ha ha

Great pictures!

tales_from_the_crib said...

mc'd', to odd looking, huh?