Saturday, November 10, 2007

Terezín Concentration Camp

I had never been to a concentration camp before. Today was not a good day. Terezin is interesting because it was the "self-goverened Jewish settlement area" used for propaganda purposes when the Red Cross came to visit. The Nazis kicked out the town's 7,000 residents and moved in 60,000 Jews. 99% of them died either here or in other camps (this was mainly a transit camp). It was originally built in medieval times to keep the Germans out, but now it was used by the Germans to keep the Jews in.

Pictured above is the curious slogan, "work makes you free."

I don't really feel like talking much about today other than to say that it was hard and depressing. Part of me wants to see Auschwitz (in Poland) one day, but part of me never wants to go back to one ever again.

The only other thing I feel like saying is that while we had lucked out on weather for all of our other trips, today was just extremely wet, dark, cold, and depressing. It set a fitting ambiance.

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