Friday, November 2, 2007

Vino and Beefeaters

There's one other man in the world that I know of who whole-heartedly embraces my theory of robo-tourism, and that man is Sarah's dad. And he's here. This days are quite busy indeed. We kicked off the morning by stopping by Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress -- The Tower of London where we saw such wonderments as the crown jewels (one particular crown is set with more than 6,000 diamonds) and the White Tower, which was used for imprisonment and torture (built by William the Conqueror in 1078).
After this was a walk along the top of the Tower Bridge (the blue bridge people commonly think is the London Bridge) where we happened a long just as they were raising the gates to let a ship pass by.
After this was a tour of the HMS Belfast -- a gigantic WWII Cruiser parked right there in the Thames. Following lunch was a walk through the bizarre Old Operating Theatre, where surgeries used to be performed (without anesthetic) in a theater with people sitting in the bleachers all around. Close by was a stop at the Southwark Cathedral, which is the oldest Gothic church in London and had to be repaired after a fire -- in 1212.

Cap it off with a stop at the Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee, dinner, and a wonderful tour and wine tasting at Vinopolis, and you've got yourself a decent warm up day for the busy days of touring to follow.

Somewhere in all of this, I need to keep up my extremely tight personal schedule, and I'm starting to crack under the stress a bit. This morning, two very young and unsupervised kids had been running amok through the Visitors Centre ignoring the security guard's pleas to calm down, and generally causing chaos (which irritated me a great deal). By the time they started fighting and fell action-movie-style into a display, knocking it over onto a counter and causing a domino effect destroying a whole room, kindler, gentiler Rick version 2.0 yelled out "unbelievable...who's children are these!?" to an astonished and frightened room.

I am working on a take-home midterm that needs to get out by Tuesday, and dealing with problems at my brokerage dealing with Citadel. On top of this, I am working overtime on my business school applications (finally starting the essay process) and trying to write a paper which needs to get out the door by Thursday. I honestly don't have enough time for all of it, but I just tour during the day, stay up as late as I can through the night, and figure I can catch up on the rest of the work on the trains and planes next week.

I wrote a paragraph explaining to you why I am so sorry that I just don't have the time to put up any pictures with my post, but I deleted it and put pictures up anyway. I've decided the blog takes a pretty high priority because it is my own personal journal of my travels. When I try to come back and post about things from a few days prior, it just isn't the same. I just don't remember the small details that make my trip unique (like the hooligans and the frightened tourists). So, if nothing else I will try to find 30 minutes in my night time routine to make my posts.

Alright, back to my midterm. The midnight oil burns, and tomorrow is a new day!


tales_from_the_crib said...

lol...the last picture is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Andy will critique your essays for Harvard.

Brieanna said...

hahaha! i love that picture of you guys! its so funny!!!!! can't wait to see you again! bye bro.

Mom said...

What a perfect portrait!