Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to Heaven

#2 is checked off the list! You may remember that I have my "big three" things I decided I absolutely must do in Europe or else I won't allow myself to return home. Number three was sheep herding with border collies in Wales. Number one is still a secret, but number two was seeing the Vienna Philharmonic perform live.

Long-time readers may remember that I thought I was being a studious little traveler when, more than eight months ago, I tried to buy tickets ahead of time only to find out that it was a bit more complicated than that. This concert was long since gone, weekend season tickets are sold out for the next thirteen years, and weekday season tickets are sold out for the next six years.

Seeing the "Philharmoniker" is no easy feat. They were playing only one day while we are here, and I had no idea where to get tickets (other than I knew they were not at the concert hall).
Despite this, I did know of a a little secret called "standing room only," which exists both here and at the opera (tomorrow's venue). Once I found the box office (which took more than an hour of circling around in the cold) I walked up an hour before show time and purchased two tickets to see the greatest orchestra in the world for just €9.

Just to be considered to play for the Vienna Philharmonic, each musician has to prove their capability by playing for the Vienna State Opera (also considered one of the top operas in the world) for a minimum of three years.

The concert hall itself, the Musikverein, is considered to be one of the three finest concert halls in the world, along with Boston's Symphony Hall and Amsterdam's Concertgebouw.

Oh yeah, we saw some other stuff too. There was the whole Hapsburg's Palace thing -- the largest palace in the history of the world (seriously, what do you need with 2,600 rooms?), and St. Stephens Cathedral. I hope to get pictures up soon.

I'm so happy I got to see the symphony. And stay tuned, because number one on the "big three" list is coming up next week, and it's sure to impress.

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tales_from_the_crib said...

cool and congratulations on getting in!