Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A bit of a bust

Okay, so last night was a bit of a bust. It turns out that the most beautiful cathedral in the world only holds 2,500 people, and there were at least twice that many in line for the evensong. So we didn't get in for the performance, but we still had fun wandering "about town." Plus, Sarah finished her last test and thinks she nailed them all, so we have a lot to be cheery about.

We're packing now, and it's exciting. Today I spent a little time going through my England pictures (a lot of editing to do there) and I was already feeling a bit nostalgic! To the left is a picture of the Jubilee Bridge, and for good measure here is a picture of some Lords coming in for the opening of Parliament. You can see their curly wigs.


brieanna said...

i like your pictures but when i click on them, i cant view any of your other pictures and i wana get the lake havasu pictures ):

Rick said...

You can click on the "Adventure Capitalist Flickr Page" link in the top right corner of the blog.