Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coming to America

I can't believe we made it! It is 6am, and time to get ready and head to Heathrow. I wasn't able to sleep last night. It felt like it did when we were facing the prospect of getting up and flying out to Africa. I haven't been in the States since August, and really I have hardly been "home" to Texas much since June. What a year.

I've now been to 180 cities in 15 countries, and nearly the whole of western Europe. Now that I'm on the tail end, I thought it would be fun to go back and rate a few of the destinations (only includes Europe).

Best cathedral in the world: St Paul's, London
Hottest people: Sweden
Prettiest place: Neuschwanstein Castle , Bavaria
Prettiest city: Prague, Czech Republic
Best palace: Versailles, France
Best castle: Neuschwanstein Castle , Bavaria
Castle runner up: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Cutest place: The Cotswolds, England
Wildest place: Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Best architecture: Prague, Czech Republic
Friendliest people: Tie: Wales and Scotland
Snobbiest people: Vienna, Austria
Felt most at home: London, England
Best food: Austria (curry wurst!)
Most expensive place: Stockholm, Sweden
Cheapest place: Prague, Czech Republic
Coldest place: Stockholm, Sweden
Most scenic: Tie: Bavaria and the Czech Republic
Best museum: The British Museum, London
Best art: The Louvre, Paris, France
Most traditional place: Czech Republic
Best accents: England (there are so many...Cockney anyone?)
Best Bridge: Tower Bridge, London, England
Best clock: The Glockenspeil, Munich, Germany

There you have it, a quick one-sided opinion! Well, this is it. It should be about 20 hours door-to-door. We still have so much left to see and do, I know we'll be back. It's been amazing.

Be sure to check back often as pictures from all kinds of exciting destinations are edited and posted over the next few weeks . Goodbye from London!


tales_from_the_crib said...

it was so fun to see you guys last night. keep us posted on your plans, 'specially if you ever swing by Houston.

Mom said...

BEAUTIFUL picture!!

brieanna said...

thats a good pic of you and sarah! :-D