Saturday, December 15, 2007

Londony stuff.

So I think I've found a place in Austin. Still working out the details, but should be good (near the IM fields).

Last night the #@X! fire alarm went off for the one millionth time this semester. UCL likes to do stupid overbearing things like test the fire alarm every freaking Tuesday afternoon, which is always fun because then when there is a real fire alarm (and those are frequent) you first ignore it for awhile because you're so used to it going off. Last night's though was at 1 in the morning.

We're trying to tick down our London tourism checklist just as fast as we can. We head back to the states on Friday! It's going to be so weird to even think Christmas is coming or that football is almost over. Those things all still seem so far away.

The other day we wandered down the park in front of Buckingham Palace and I entertained myself by giving my snack (bag of walnuts) to the squirrels, who would walk right up onto my hand and eat. If you fed one too many, he'd run off and bury it and then come back for more.

On the way home, I made us get out at the Angel Tube Stop just so I could ride the longest escalator in western Europe. Yeah, nerdy I know, but it was calling my name. If you want to get a sense of how long it is, here's a guy (not me!) skiing down it.


Brieanna said...

waz that you going down that escarltor?

rachel said...

cool video. I think the longest one in the us must be porter square. I had to walk up that thing once.