Monday, December 3, 2007

Mission failed.

A common rookie mistake is to start at the beginning of the buffet. Your adversary always starts with vegetables and slow burning carbs like pasta or potatoes in the desperate hope that you will fill up your plate with these cheaper items before you can get to the meat and realize your error. An experienced tactician knows this ploy and heads it off by grabbing a plate and heading to the middle. I ate enough Swedish meatballs to last the rest of my life, but despite all I could do, I’m afraid I failed. I think this is the first buffet in my life that actually got the better of me. I blame it on the unfavorable exchange rate, but the truth is that they played a good game. They knew my only true weakness and stocked the dessert bar with fine dark chocolates and truffles. While expensive, they fill you up more cheaply than seafood. I lost. My hat is off to you, Grand Veranda. It was a good battle, and you deserve an honorable victory.

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tales_from_the_crib said...

but at least you losted to a worthy nemesis!