Sunday, June 29, 2008

Heading on a new wildlife adventure.

I'm going to go on a semi-spontaneous backpacking trip. Because of extraneous events, I can't really nail down a date for awhile but it will be in about three weeks. I also don't really have a destination per se, but I was thinking about Yosemite or Sequoia National Park out in California. I'm thinking of driving up Highway 1 to Big Sur (which incidentally is on fire right now) for a photography expedition. I've always wanted to make that drive along the coast.

I was staying at The Venetian out in Las Vegas a month or so ago, and was blown away by a gallery there featuring the work of Australian photographer Peter Lik. This gallery renewed my interest in panoramic photography, and thus inspired my interest in a trip out to the coast (or possibly the mountains around Yellowstone/Montana.

I'm still in the planning stages right now, and sending out feelers to my friends and family seeing if anyone is interested, but I'd say my chances of going are 99%.

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