Monday, June 30, 2008

REI. Again.

Tonight I headed back to REI for the hundredth time to update my gear. Little financial tip for you if you're going to spend the GDP of an island nation on one store -- get its rewards card. I made sure I received an REI Visa before my first shopping excursion, and now I get 5% off my purchases in addition to the 10% off I get as a member. REI is having a summer sale right now, and I managed to pick up a Katadyn Hiker water filter on sale for $39.99 plus that additional 15% off.

Water filters are a somewhat new concept to me. In Alaska we'd always just drink from the glaciel runoff, and in places like Tahiti or Zanzibar I'd just pack in locally sourced bottled water. Seemed kind of funny to have folks paying $30 per gallon for a bottle of Fiji "artesian" Water back in the States to not get the same bottled water while I'm over there.

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