Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Low Gas!

I just found this out, but apparently when I was supposed to be getting in the car to head out to Yellowstone and instead was prepping myself for some serious road-rage driving by watching President Bush's press conference on economics, there were apparently many other people who were watching in stunned disbelief as well.

President Bush, I guess, decided he had done enough damage to himself bumbling through it all that he decided to later clarify some of his statements. Here's HuffPo's write-up with a link to a brief video.:
Bush was feisty during his press conference on the troubles facing the economy. Asked about how to lower gas prices, Bush referred back to what he calls his "brilliant statement" about the president having a magic wand that could instantly reduce gas prices. Bush expanded on this riff, however, with a strange movement vaguely reminiscent of a genie granting a wish: "You can't just say, 'low gas!'"

The video is short and pointless, but you get to hear Bush say "low gas!" one more time.

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