Monday, July 21, 2008

People are nuts

I'm staying in a more developed camping "village" tonight. For some people, Yellowstone is a magnificent backcountry destination. For others, it is a slightly larger than normal zoo, where they blow through in their giant car, all file out to get the same lame shot, then all file back in to head to the hotel.

I have to say, running into guys like this caught me a bit off guard:
I guess I wasn't expecting Yellowstone to be quite as developed as it is. I'm glad there are multiple ways to enjoy the park (some folks can hike the backcountry, others can stay in nice hotels and eat in nice restaurants) but the drive-by zoo aspect of the frontcountry is a bit underwhelming. I keep taking pictures of people like the guy above waiting for a male-something-or-other with whatever particular set of giant horns/claws/teeth (in this case an elk) to gore them in the face, but so far it hasn't happened. I know if I wait long enough, it will. That's why there are 25 -100 yard limits depending on the animal.

Aside from the tourists, summer is a pretty fantastic time to come to the park. It has exploded with color and life. Take a look at this coyote hunting through the wildflowers.I am enjoying myself immensley.

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Sarah said...

I love that coyote and wildflower picture!