Monday, July 28, 2008

Rain sucks in bear country

I'm almost home already. I can't wait.

Rain sucks in bear country because you can't cook in your tent vestibule. Your choices are to build some sort of cavemanesque primitive structure or starve. Or eat crackers. Being on the road as I am, I've finally left bear country and can cook and eat wherever I please. It's a very welcome change.

Sarah starts the bar exam today. When she gets home, I'll call and let her know that I'm just a few hours away rather than three days away.


The Belgian said...

I just surfed to your blog again, it suddenly came up my mind to visit your webpage again. I still remember you doing the Harvard summer school (I thought of doing it too).

I noticed about half a year ago that you stopped blogging, and then I stopped visiting the blog. Yet I am happy to see you started again. Keep up the postings!

Rick said...

Many thanks! I'm happy to be back and look forward to a lot of travel and economic commentary.