Saturday, July 12, 2008

Should I head to the DNC in Denver?

After two weeks of "Yellowstone '08" and two weeks of "Alaska '08" comes "Road Trip '08" where I'm taking the long way from Austin, TX to Glacier National Park, Montana and back down. I'll be stopping through perhaps seven different national parks, and driving back home through Denver just one or two days after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention. Now that President-Elect Obama has announced that he's moving the final day of the Convention to a 75,000 person football stadium, I'm wondering if I should finagle my schedule in such a way that I arrive in Denver a day or two early. That last day sounds like quite a show.

It sounds a lot like the move JFK made with his convention; and knowing what you know now, wouldn't you like to have been there? Think about what I'm saying there. Maybe I should go.

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Scott said...

I think you should go. I've been pondering going to both of them, but not as a political tourist. I want to run with the Black Bloc and, hopefully, be on the scene for the kind of momentous upheaval (especially at the RNC) that I crave.
So yes, go. I don't know if my logistics will work.