Monday, August 25, 2008

Arches National Park

Yeah, this place is fantastic. Unfortunately, the ambitious nature of our road trip prevents me from getting here before sunrise or staying until sunset, but I'm catching some pretty even lighting anyway.

This is a shot of Balanced Rock. There was a pretty fierce storm moving in which provided a few interesting clouds.

The trail up to Delicate Arch. It was extremely hot today, and the hike was long and perilous given the weather conditions. Sarah was actually exhibiting early signs of heat stroke. I won't show you the picture of her laying out on the rock trying to cool down, but I was getting a bit worried.

She soldiered on though, and we were handsomely rewarded. I don't know why I wasn't affected -- isn't she the life-long Texan? Aren't I the Alaskan? I normally can't last more than 30 minutes in outside during the heat of a summer day, but for whatever reason I was lucky and held up nicely.

There is actually a famous and much-photographed arch in this park that collapsed just one week ago. It was called Wall Arch and was a popular tourist destination. Arches do come and go of course, but I was startled to have it happen so close to our visit.

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