Sunday, August 10, 2008

First relaxing day in a month.

For the first time in a month I have absolutely nothing to do, and I'm using that time to unwind, be a kid again, and play with my long-lost cousins at grandma's house. This morning, the family headed up to the Alyeska ski resort to meet with the bride and groom for a nice dinner. On the way up we drove the Seward Highway, which is rated one of the top ten most scenic byways in the country. We passed a curve called "Beluga Point," and I'll be darned if there weren't about 50 belugas out there playing in the water:

At dinner, my cousin Brittany decided she'd like some red wine. She requested a Merlot, and the waiter suggested a PlumpJack, which is a pretty good $50 wine that always does well at Wine Advocate because Robert Parker likes it. She went ahead and got the 1.5 liter to save a little money, since there were a few of us at the table. We didn't bother asking how much it was, and it wasn't until we got the bill and most of our 42 person party was already outside that we found out they were charging us $450 per bottle. That's so broken. The best part of the ensuing fiasco was that one of the relatives yelled out to the waiter that now my cousin was going to have to spend "all of the money she made dancing last night!" not clarifying that she was the bride and we were referring to the dollar dance at her wedding.

And it wasn't even a Merlot. My theory was that he was so excited that he "made the sale" that when he went to the back and discovered he was out of Merlot he just brought out the Cab instead and hoped no one would notice the difference.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day playing with my cousins and making frequent jokes about how I need to go "take a $100 pee."

The skater pictures are of my cousin Joel, who will be pro. I haven't had time to edit these images properly, so they're going to look a little raw, but I thought I'd just throw a few up there for everybody.

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