Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Grand Canyon

We made it. This has been an insanely long day, which started with the slot canyons, moved to Horseshoe Bend, and continued into the Grand Canyon just as tonight's magic hour was beginning.

I'm already surprised by the amount of wildlife subsisting here. I was picturing desolate sands, but just since rolling in I've spotted a red-tailed hawk, a turkey vulture soaring above the canyon rim, and a coyote looking like he wanted to follow me to camp for dinner.

I had to stay up catching the sun going down over the canyon, so by the time I was able to setup camp it was already dark. I'm getting adept at setting up tents and cooking gear in the black of night.
I'm utterly exhausted from this day, but I had to snap a few shots of the unbelievable celestial view that accompanied my dinner. That lightened cloud moving through the upper right of the photograph is the milky way!

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