Sunday, August 3, 2008

Katmai National Park

This place is infested with grizzly bears. They're like squirrels here. Looking into the crystal-clear water, I can see why.
The only thing more numerous that the bears are the spawning salmon. This a magical place.

We got up very early this morning and hopped on a small jet, which flew us out to King Salmon, Alaska. From there, we got on a small float plane (always unnerving when the pilot asks you how much you weigh before you get on) for a short trip into Katmai. This has to be one of the most remote national parks in the country.

It also offers what I figure to be the greatest disparity between tent camping and lodge camping prices. This is a great example of elementary supply and demand.
The term "lodge" should be used loosely, as the rooms are little more than 3.5 walls and a door. One small room runs around $780 per night for two people. By contrast, tent camping runs $8 per night per tent, with however many people you can stuff into one. Like I said, supply and demand. Of course the risk of being eaten by a bear is a tad higher in a tent, but it is still remote. Plus, you get a great story to tell by tent camping in the most highly-concentrated grizzly habitat in the world. Looks like it's tent camping tonight. Wish me luck.


Sarah said...

You probably don't have as many bear dreams in the lodges as you do with the tents. :)

Rachel B said...

Cool bears.