Saturday, August 23, 2008

Le Tour de Fat

(not me!)

Boise, ID. We got up at an unreasonable hour this morning to participate in the best bike "race" in which I've ever participated. Beer producer Fat Tire had a race/ride called Tour de Fat, which is apparently reproduced in Austin each year as well. We've got lots of people her for our friends' irreverent wedding. Sarah and I are camping out in the backyard since we've already got all our camping gear with us.

I'm usually not one for costumes, but I did enjoy seeing them all. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head were by far the best entries of the entire day. I made a half-hearted attempt at "Safari Man" but spent most of the day taking pictures and playing with the GPS on my new iPhone 3G as we rode through the streets.

They found a way to make it even better. Tandem bike!

You have a flat. Wait.

This is a very prominent lawyer from Austin, and I won't tell you which one! What a day.

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Brieanna said...

bubber rickey :D
i dont belive you.
i bet that is you.
tell sarah i said congrads(: