Friday, August 29, 2008

Meteor Crater

I suppose I'm obligated to make some sort of joke about this being a picture of Sarah standing next to the Libertarian-Republican laissez-faire economy, but we're far too classy for that here at Adventure Capitalist, so I'll just skip that and move on ;)

What we really have here, is Meteor Crater:
This crater occurred by way of meteor impact 100 years ago if you're Sarah Palin, or 40,000 years ago if you're the rest of us.

The site itself was terrific, but the park was quite a let down. It is actually not a park at all but a plot of privately-owned land. It was purchased by a mining company which expected to drill down into the crater and find the meteor sitting beneath the ground intact and full of rare and valuable elements. This is unfortunate, because the company now has employees dressed up in fake U.S. Ranger uniforms hoping you won't notice that they're only posing. It took me a few minutes to figure this out. What gave it away was when they forbade me from hiking out onto the crater rim because I was "wearing open-toed shoes." The policy was made all the more ridiculous by the fact that 15 hours ago I hiked my way out of the Grand Canyon in these same shoes, so I think I can handle a 150 meter hike on their precious crater. But being a private company, I'm guessing they had an insurance policy to contend with, and thus the stupid rule with no exceptions.

I would almost recommend potential guests just skip the site in protest of the prices and rules, look at my picture and just move on, but you would be skipping something magnificent, so I guess I can't do that in good faith. Most folks probably have no desire to hike the rim or talk to a ranger anyway, so I guess its all the same.

We're now continuing our way south and will be coming up on the Petrified Forests.

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