Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mormons are rich.

Man, religion is a good business. As an investor, I can see why we made it up so long ago and why it has been around for so long in all its different forms. You're selling a product that is intangible. It doesn't need manufacturing, but it doesn't need much of an information systems development structure either. It's tax free, and if your customers don't show up to your business and purchase more of your product, they actually feel so guilty that they literally beg for forgiveness. They've also been indoctrinated not to shop at any of the other competitors or else they will be punished! If only they were public companies!

Salt Lake City, was great. Very clean, very beautiful, and Mormon World Headquarters was magnificent. We only saw the city at night on our way to Arches, but it was a wonderful visit.

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