Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mt Rushmore.

We drove into Mt. Rushmore today by way of Custer State Park. That park sucks. On our long and windy way through, we encountered a van full of people taking a very quick break from their life of watching "Alf" reruns on their well-worn couch out feeding wild donkeys from their windows like they're at the $4 hillbilly drive-through safari. I went over to the ranger station (all of 20 yards away) and let them know, since feeding wild animals pretty much destroys them, and the rangers just laughed. Weak.

I had no intention of spending any more time than I had to in "T. Boone's Land of Wild Animals from Arabia!" or whatever they will no doubt soon be called, so we continued on out and on our way.

I think the best way to see Mt. Rushmore is in the evening, because then you get to see the mountain in the natural daylight as well as at night when they light it up. They do so during an hour-long ceremony which includes a 30-minute Discovery Channel show on the mountain. It was a good show, but it taught you the basics about the Presidents rather than about the monument itself. If you grew up in America you likely knew most of this already, so it may have been more for the many international tourists that visit each year.

It was still an inspiring show, however. And the monument was grand. A fun place to visit during the Olympics! Entirely natural parks are more my thing, but this was a great stop, and the drive through the Black Hills was really fun.

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