Monday, September 1, 2008

Back in Austin

On the way back home, we watched "Into the Wild" on the Prius' Nav screen. It is the true story about an idealistic young kid who hitchhikes up to Alaska, backpacks into the wilderness, and dies not all that far away from where we were staying before we headed into Denali National Park.

The movie is kinda bad. I would recommend you just read John Krakauer's "Into the Wild", which is far better and far more accurate. This young man has developed quite a cult of personality from those who identify (or wish they could) with his spontaneous lifestyle. But Alaskans view it differently. The guy died ten miles from a major highway and wasted an entire moose when he killed it without knowing how to field dress it. He ended up nearly starving. I admire his zeal, but Alaska isn't Disneyland. The wilderness out there is the real deal.

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