Monday, October 27, 2008

The best investment idea I've ever had (HUMOR)

While talking to an associate over Gchat, I just had a brilliant investment idea. For all the time I've spent tracking the economic situation, there is a far easier way to independent wealth:

me: You know what will be funny?
When the election is over.

And it is time to vote for a stimulus plan.
And all the lame duck congressmen who don't give a crap anymore stuff that thing silly with pork the likes of which the world has never seen to reward their friends.
N: yeah that will be funny.
me: November 5 will be a great day to be a rum producer, I suspect.
N: It's only funny until somebody loses its national AAA debt rating
me: If you've been thinking about making wooden arrows for've got two weeks.
N: thanks for the reminder
me: No problem.
I wish my Representative wasn't getting reelected.
I could be lobbying him right now at the strip club.
Ensuring my "screen doors for submarines" company gets a little something in the stimulus bill. Game over. Retirement.

So if your rep is going to lose their election...start a worthless company and start lobbying! You've got two weeks. The next gold rush is on!

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