Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time's new article on MBA grads entitled, "Why MBA Spells 'More Bitterness Ahead." It leads with "At business schools around the country, 'tis the season for MBA recruiting. But for Wall Street wannabes who banked on school yielding a six-figure finance job, bitter reality is setting in." Not good. And nothing would be worse for me than slogging through this environment with no new capital to deploy. Having stability and an income to feed the investments is going to be a blessing. I spend might nights trying to come up with ways to get hold of even more. Calculating the missed opportunity cost is just killing me. If I could somehow borrow a million dollars from someone, it would be game over. You just can't raise money as a 25 year old without that MBA that makes you like everyone else, though.

I'm really happy with my shorts of the U.S. stock market and the financial services sector. I had been thinking for the past week about shorting the emerging markets as well, and I came close to doing it yesterday. The merging markets ran away from me last night. I have a feeling I'm going to purchase another of those leveraged inverse ETFs soon. Emerging markets will be a fantastic place to invest after the recession is over, by the way. But for now, they would be the most dangerous place to go long. Yeah, I think I'm going to short it soon.

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Anonymous said...

The business school should know all about supply and demand. Maybe tuition will be cheaper if you ever decide to return and finish the degree!