Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess I'll help the economy now. Rick Stimulus 2009.

What to do with your money when the government changes the rules every other day so you can't invest intelligently? Spend! Buy stuff at deflated prices.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

Yes, I'm aware my old entertainment system looks horrendous. It is ten years old, and yes, that is a VCR there, which I was using as my DVR (we didn't have cable). As you can guess, I don't watch much TV...or at least I didn't used to.

Best Buy is so desperate for sales that they are now offering three years of financing at 0% interest -- something they have never done before. I loaded up on all sorts of things: 52" LCD TV, Blu Ray player that streams Netflix in HD, a networked drive, etc., etc. I'll pay the minimum payment each month (around $10) and then pay off the entire balance on the 35th month. Meanwhile, sky-high inflation will eat away at the loan for three years, and I get three years to invest the money while I enjoy the system.

Also in the cards for the next two months, a trip back to Boston, wine tours in Napa, the Berkshire shareholders meeting, and camping trips. I'm starting to develop a new conspiracy theory; government is purposely trying to make the investing climate so horrendous with their daily law change leaks that they are trying to get us to spend our money rather than save it. Perhaps they want the savings rate to stop increasing and to go back down into negatve percentages!

Only kidding there, but that's what they did for me.


dan.schaeffer said...

very nice system indeed.

Brieanna said...

Haha, in the picture of the new tv, there's a shine from the flash. Its like "shine. sparkle sparkle.."