Sunday, April 12, 2009

25 Coolest Pictures Ever

I'm getting a little worn out from sounding the tornado siren on the stock market, so I'll do what I did last summer at this time when...I was getting a little worn out from sounding the tornado siren on the stock market. I'll post pictures.

These aren't my pictures this time, though I wish they were. Please excuse the woolly mammoth as that is obviously fake, but to my knowledge the rest of them are real. I've noticed that a good photograph can have a startling impact when it is shown out of context, and that entire page is a good example of this concept. For example, a great photograph of the Grand Canyon can look pretty good amongst it's brothers, but can look stunning next to a picture of the Great Wall or the open ocean. When you skip from one amazing thing to the next in completely different subjects, I think you get more out of the photograph, and in this case you leave simply thinking the world is an amazing place.


Konrad said...

Here is an interesting CNBC interview of someone who made the right call on the subprime market. Assuming he is not a one-shot wonder, more doom to come, possibly.

Konrad said...

A while back you talked about mall owners, etc.

Seems like they had sufficient cash flow but couldn't refinance maturing debt in the tight credit markets.

Konrad said...

Commentary about who is fueling the current up swing.