Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss North Carolina says you're doing it wrong.

I swear I only turned on the Miss USA pageant because I had just read on Engadget that it was being broadcast in 1080i, and from a technical perspective I was curious what a Miss USA would look like life-sized in my living room at ultra high definition (and yes there were other people present -- this is not something I do alone in my spare time). Anyway, I caught the last few minutes -- just in time to listen to the panel ask Miss North Carolina if we should be using taxpayer dollars to "bailout companies." What kind of question is that? I'm sure Miss North Carolina is acutely aware of the systemic risks presented by unregulated collateralized debt obligations. Perhaps they could have followed up on that question by asking her to explain how tripping the securitization trigger affects an overcollateralization release on the step down date. Or would that answer not fit in a sound bite?

She answered the question correctly though by saying "no," which brought predictably loud applause from the audience.

Score one (more) for populism.

P.S. I put two to one odds that some municipality bails out the Miss USA pageant in the next three years. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Spot on, man. She's just a beauty queen nitwit who gave an answer that the "TV people" would love to cheer. When she tours the country and shakes hands with millions of out-of-work people, she might rethink that moronic answer.