Saturday, April 25, 2009

San Francisco!

Today was a great day. I wasn't ready to leave Napa, but for the first time since the trip began I didn't have to get up before 5am. I still didn't get a full eight hours of sleep, but I'm doing better.

We headed out to Muir Woods to do some hiking today. The weather was perfect:

On the way into town, we drove down world-famous Lombard Street, which I believe still holds the record for the world's curviest road.
But the big news for those who know me is that I finally got out to Alcatraz for a night tour!
I was last in S.F. a year or so ago and was most looking forward to this tour...but on the last day the boats had filled and I couldn't go. The rest of my group was staying an extra day and got to go the next morning. They've been rubbing it in my face ever since.

Sarah doesn't look particularly happy to be in jail:
I suspect the jail seems a bit creepier at night than it otherwise would, and that wasn't helped when some tour staff member started slamming cages shut just to give us a little intimidation.
Outside was a little less creepy. You go from a hostile environment to sunset views of the golden gate bridge. Very bizarre.

I always thought I could handle jail if I were afforded a 24 hour per day internet connection in my cell (which is clearly not allowed). If I were to be incarcerated though, I suppose Alcatraz would actually be my top chocie.
Well, perhaps not:
That's it for S.F. We have a little time tomorrow to walk the hilly streets, and then we need to head out so I can start preparing for the Berkshire shareholders' meeting.

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Scott said...

This is the perfect place to mention one crucial piece of information about the US economy: unemployment is kept artificially low via the enormous, world-record prison system.
I've been down Lombard street, and I've been to Alcatraz. Have you ever seen the documentary The Bridge?