Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to Napa.

We made it in late last night. We were exhausted, but got up at 4:30am today anyway to try to catch a hot air balloon over the vineyards. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and windy this morning so the trip was canceled! I was really wishing there was a way to know this before making our way out to the rendezvous point (I love tactical terms) but I appreciate the effort to get us out there in case a window of opportunity opened up. Luckily, there is space on tomorrows flight, so we've decided to give it another go tomorrow morning (which is at once thrilling and disappointing because it means no sleeping in tomorrow).

I had a feeling the clouds would burn off by afternoon, and indeed they did. After trying to catch an hour or two of sleep, we headed out with some friends for an all day vineyard/wine tasting tour.
These are grapes. They are a tad smaller than you're probably used to, but they will some day soon be in liquid form filling some estrogen-filled happy hour somewhere. ;)

Our tour was fantastic and was put on by Platypus Tours, which came highly recommended via Trip Advisor. With over 350 wineries in the area, "Driver Dave" was able to tailor our tour to our tastes and take us to the smaller, lesser-known places.

I ended up buying a bottle or two from every place we visited today, and I don't think I was the only one who does that. In Napa, it seems everyone loves wine:

I don't have much else to say today because I'm exhausted and have another 4:30 wakeup tomorrow morning, but stay tuned to see if we make it up!

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Sarah said...

You neglected to mention how you wanted to taste the grapes until finding out how small they were! :)